Resourcepacks iare folders with changed (not everything) sounds and textures (pictures) in Minecraft.


The sound of animals is real recordings recorded by me.


The textures of blocks in minecraft was some hard to change, but evrything looks Very good. Evrythind that was canged ofcourse.

The pack is not ready yet.


The weapons was changed to:

Wooden sword = club
2013-07-30 20.33.11

Stone sword = sledge hammer 

Gold sword = flint-sword 

Diamond sword = battle-axe

Bow = crossbow.

Those weapons are for the most medieval Weapons


Pickaxes was changed to destroyed diamonds, golden rods, iron rods or stone bits on sticks.

2013-07-30 20.33.19

Shovels was not really changed but the shapes was. 

2013-08-01 14.23.07


The particles around the enchantment table was changed to the greek alphabet