Dead High
2013-07-18 20.13.30
Work In Progress
Previous Level N/A (Green Run)
Next Level N/A (Buried)
Date Sometime After 1996
Location Overrun Highschool, Riverside
Enemies Encountered Zombies, EMP Zombies, CDC Camo Drones, Herobrine
Save Codename zm_highschool

Dead High (Stylized as Dead Highschool), is a custom Minecraft survival map based on the Zombies mode of Call Of Duty. It is mainly created by YautjaElite. 

Dead High takes place in an overrun highschool at the same point in time as Die Rise . The events of the map follows the original CoD Zombies timeline, as the map has its own major easter egg: The Desintegration Process, however it will only be playable in a later update.

The map features most utilities from CoD Zombies, including the Mystery Box, various Perks, Wall Weapons, The Power Switch and the Pack-A-Punch. To get the best experience, there is a custom resource pack.